6 Pro-Gardening Tips

#1: Plan your plants! Perennials usually bloom for 1-2 months; so, with careful planning, you can have something blooming in spring, summer, and fall.

#2: Shake things up. When selecting your plants, choose a variety of heights and textures to create a layered feel, with the tallest plants in the back and the shortest up front. More variety also means more pollinators!

#3: Always plant in odd numbers! When you have a relatively small group of plants, try to arrange them in odd-numbered groups: 3, 5, 7, or 9. Odd groupings are more appealing to the human eye.

#4: Give your plants room to grow (literally). People like having their own space, right? Well, so do plants! By giving your plants adequate room, their roots can spread, and they can get the nutrients, water, and sunlight they need.

#5: Add a pop of personality! When it comes to your garden, your plants are the stars of the show. But you can add some visual interest and create a sense of unified design with fountains, pottery, trellises, obelisks, and statues.

#6: Head to Wannemaker’s ASAP! Whether you’re a certified green thumb or are just digging in, Wannemaker’s fully stocked greenhouse and nursery has everything you need to get gardening. Take your pick from hundreds of traditional and unique annuals, perennials and nursery plants.

What’s Your Grill Style: Charcoal, Gas or Pellets?

It’s the age-old question for grillers everywhere: Do you get a charcoal, gas, or pellet grill? Fortunately, there’s no wrong answer. It all depends on who you are and how you grill.

If you’re the patient type, and you’re willing to spend hours grilling ribs at low heat in pursuit of that fall-off-the-bone tenderness, go with charcoal. Sure, the setup takes a little longer, but it’s worth it for that smoky flavor.

If you plan to mostly grill quick-cooking foods – burgers, veggie kabobs, steaks, etc. – and don’t want to deal with a long setup, we recommend gas grills. With a gas grill, you can get home from work, light up the grill, and cook dinner in minutes.

Looking for a compromise? Pellet grills just might offer the best of both worlds. These grills run on electricity while burning hardwood pellets. You get the steady temperature and ease of a gas grill, plus the smoky flavor of charcoal.

…Then again, who said you can only have one grill?

3 Things to Do Before Shopping for Patio Furniture

Patio season is in full swing, and Wannemaker’s is stocked with Chicagoland’s best selection of furniture and décor! Try these 3 things before you shop for patio furniture.

#1: DECIDE HOW YOU PLAN TO USE YOUR PATIO. A patio is an open canvas! It can be used in so many different ways, from an outdoor sports bar and BBQ pit to a lounge, game room, dining room, party space, and more. Before you head to Wannemaker’s, make a list of the primary way(s) you plan to use your patio space. We’ll help you plan accordingly!

#2: MEASURE UP. Snap some pics of your outdoor space and take some quick measurements. These will come in handy when you’re looking at furniture in-store. Also, take a few photos of your indoor space, in case you want to coordinate your indoor and outdoor décor.

#3: LIST YOUR MUST-HAVES. Before you shop, put together a list of patio must-haves. Wannemaker’s features a huge selection of beautiful products and immersive displays; with your list on-hand, you won’t forget the essentials!

We’re Hiring!

We’re hiring! Wannemaker’s has been growing family traditions for over 50 years, thanks to the dedication and performance of our seasoned staff. In that time, we have built a successful brand rooted in service and creating the best experience for our customers.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Finding the Perfect Vanity

Wannemaker’s has an amazing in-store selection of bathroom vanities, with premium brands like Bertch and others to choose from! Check out our guide to picking out the perfect vanity below.

1. MEASURE BEFORE YOU SHOP: Vanities come in a variety of sizes, and bathrooms come in a wide range of layouts. Measure your bathroom dimensions to see what you have room for and be sure to take pictures of the space. This will make your in-store shopping experience much easier!

2. EXPLORE VANITY BASE DESIGNS: Vanity bases come in a few different varieties: wall-mounted, free-standing, and corner. Use your bathroom measurements (and your imagination) to sort through what options would look best in your space! If you need some inspiration or guidance, be sure to ask a Wannemaker’s team member for assistance.

3. GATHER A WISH LIST OF FEATURES: No two vanities are alike—there are a lot of different features and aspects that you’ll want to keep in mind. Here are a few to consider:

– Base: design, color, material, etc.
– Sink: design, color, material, etc.
– Countertop: design, color, material, etc.
– Drawers: What size drawers do you want? How many?
– Electrical: Do you want built-in electrical outlets for your bathroom appliances?
– Other: Be sure to jot down any other wants and needs that come to mind.

4. HAVE QUESTIONS? ASK WANNEMAKER’S FOR HELP! We understand that sorting through all your measurements, design options, and must-have features can be overwhelming if you’ve never done it before. Stop by in-store and let’s walk through the process together!

Bath & Vanities

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Channel your inner grill master. We’re offering free assembly & local delivery on a variety of Weber and Traeger grills and smokers. Plus, we have all the grilling accessories you need for BBQ and Smoking.


Choose from Lavastone, Crescent and Novelty Pottery, Mayne Planters, Tusco Urns, and more. To view our inventory, click the button below.

Landscape Materials

We carry soils & potting mixes, compost & soil amendments, peat moss, mulch, rock, gravel & screening, sand, stepping stones, and sod. For pricing and to view our gallery of landscape materials, click the button below.


1. Focus on the 5 senses.

When planning, think about how you can bring the holidays to life through sight, smell, sound, taste and touch.

2. Smell is key.

Of the 5 senses, smell triggers memories more than any other. Create a nostalgic vibe with scents of pine, cinnamon and gingerbread. 

3. Be seamless.

Use the same kind of decorative lighting – plus plenty of greenery! – to bring everything together.

4. Don’t forget the nooks & crannies!

Guest rooms, kitchens and bathrooms are great places for small, festive touches, like scented candles, dish towels and artwork. 

5. Talk to an expert.

The Wannemaker’s team has been decorating for more than 50 years—we have sleigh-loads of tips and practical
advice, and we’re happy to help!