nursery sale evergreens

2023 Nursery Sale

Our Fall Nursery Sale is Here! This fall, enjoy BIG SAVINGS on Wannemaker’s nursery products, including trees, shrubs, roses, and perennials. Come back throughout the season for deeper discounts. (more…)

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Holiday Meats BBQ Masterclass

Join Risky Brisket Championship BBQ Team at Wannemaker's Home & Garden on Saturday, October 28th for an immersive BBQ experience. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER Roll up your sleeves and get ready to work with championship BBQ instructors. You’ll work in...

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The Shadowy Side of Gardening

Areas that get full or nearly full sunlight are the coral reefs of the gardening world they’re the places where the most dramatic colors appear and the greatest variety of life thrives. They’re the main attraction, the stars of the...

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Grilling Extravaganza

Just in time for Father’s Day, Wannemaker's is hosting the GRILLING EXTRAVAGANZA on Saturday, June 10 from 9AM - 4PM! Stop by for demos, BBQ sauce tastings, and more. Plus, enjoy $100 OFF Weber Genesis Grills during the Grilling Extravaganza (in-stock models...

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Meet Wannemaker’s Top Plant Picks of 2023

Planning a garden is kind of like building a playlist; it's all about finding the right mix. (more…)

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Espoma Organic Fertilizers

Espoma’s Guide to Plant Food & Potting Soils

Like all living things, plants need proper nutrition to grow. There are 19 nutrients considered essential for plant growth. Carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are supplied by air and water. Plant roots absorb the remaining 16 from the surrounding soil. (more…)

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BBQ wood chips

Give Your BBQ a Boost with Wood Chips

Rubs and sauces are great — but they're not the only way to add barbecue goodness to your food. Next time, try using specially prepared wood chips to get rich, smoky flavor. (more…)

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5 Ways to Freshen Up Your Patio in 2023

  Spring is that magical time of year when your patio suddenly becomes the most important room of the house... whether you’re ready or not. To help you quickly spruce up your outdoor space, we turned to our expert staff...

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4 Holiday Color Trends

  Deck the Halls with these 4 Holiday Color Trends!   1. ALL-ORGANIC. Try using natural tones and materials. Light greens really pop on a white palette, while darker hues feel seriously cozy against earthy browns.   2. METALLIC TONES....

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Shoppers’ Guide: Artificial Trees

  Want to spruce things up? Wannemaker’s has you covered. At Chicagoland’s Holiday Headquarters, we carry a huge selection of live and life-like trees, garlands and wreaths. (more…)

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