Mum’s the Word: 4 Tips for Growing a Fall Fav


Hardy, vibrant and bursting with color, mums are a favorite of fall gardeners and pollinators alike. They’re also the gift that keeps on giving; mums bloom for weeks at a time, so you can plant them in the late summer or early fall and enjoy them all season long.

Of course, picking the right mum matters, so let’s run through some of the basics you should know before exploring Wannemaker’s huge selection …

#1. Go green. While mums pair well with many fall plants, positioning them in a bed of grasses, kale or ornamental cabbage will really make them pop.

#2. Keep things light. Mums generally grow best in full or partial sun. For best results, try to keep yours away from the shade.

#3. Color-coordinate. When choosing your mums, think about the trees and other dominant plants in your yard. If the majority will turn bright colors in the fall, complement them with mums in shades of red, orange or yellow. If you have lots of evergreens, we recommend pink, lavender or pure white mums.

#4. Try downsizing. Running out of room? No problem. While most mums can stand up to three feet tall, dwarf forms grow just eight to 10 inches—the perfect plant for tighter spaces.