4 Tips for a Better Birdbath



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Fresh Thinking

4 Tips for a Better Birdbath

Birdbaths are a win-win. For us humans, they help our gardens stay beautiful and healthy by attracting pollinators and providing some whimsical character. Meanwhile, they offer our feathery friends a dependable supply of clean water.

If you’re thinking about bringing a birdbath to your garden, try these 4 things for the best results!

#1: Go for the shade. Placing your birdbath in the shade will help the water stay cool and fresh.

#2: Create stone “seating.” Arrange a few stones along the base of your birdbath, and the birds will be able to stand on them and drink without getting too wet.

#3: Keep it shallow. The water in your bath should be no more than 2 inches deep. This will keep the birds safe, while replicating the natural environments where they typically bathe and drink water.

#4: Make it move! Birds love the sight and sound of running water. To add some movement, try using one of the pumps or fountains we offer at Wannemaker’s.

Top Picks

The Best Birdbath Brands

At Wannemaker’s, we offer a huge selection of high-quality birdbaths from premium brands. Here are a few of our favorites!


Whimsical, upscale and timeless, Massarelli’s has been crafting some of the world’s best birdbaths since the 1970s.

Henri Studio

Extraordinarily detailed and made with the finest materials, Henri creates birdbaths that reflect and complement the natural world around them.

Burley Clay

A family business with nearly 100 years of history, Burley offers everything from simple, elegant birdbaths to intricate, hand-painted varieties.