Decorate Your Tree Like a Pro: 10 Tips

1: Make a mood board! Start with a theme based on a color scheme, ornament collection, or personal interest, then get inspired by searching Pinterest and home décor sites.

2: Start with the lights. We recommend purchasing about 100 bulbs (or 5 meters of lights) for every 2 feet of tree height.

3: When you’re ready to hang your ornaments, start with classic ones with traditional color schemes (like red, gold and silver). The idea is to create a base layer of relatively neutral colors, then make it pop with accents.

4: As you decorate, divide your tree into three sections – top, middle and bottom – and try to balance color, texture and density of ornaments within each one.

5: Tuck larger ornaments deeper into the tree, towards the trunk, to add visual depth.

6: Cluster similarly styled ornaments together. Each region of your tree can have a somewhat different look and feel, as long as they all fit within your theme.

7: Use picks like flowers, berries or pinecones to add a pop of color and texture, while filling sparse areas.

8: The top of your tree is a great place to make a bold statement. While you can’t go wrong with a traditional star, we like to get creative. Use floral wires to make a bouquet of picks (pinecones, flowers, berries, etc.) as a hand-made topper. Or use something unexpected, like a Victorian-era top hat!

9: Don’t forget the skirt. A skirt that matches your theme and color scheme creates a backdrop for your presents, while visually connecting them to the rest of your tree. Consider basing other elements of your indoor décor – stockings, wreaths, etc. – on your tree’s look (or vice versa).

10: Ask an expert! The Wannemaker’s team has been decking the halls for decades, and we have tons of tips and ideas. Talk to us in-store and we’ll help you find just what you need.