Custom Porch Pots

Let our designers craft you a custom porch pot full of beautiful and unique mixed plants.

Drop off your own containers or baskets, or choose from our vast selection of pottery in ceramic, fiberglass, resin, terra cotta, wrought iron and cocoliner or plastic. We will create a one-of-a-kind container, filled with your favorite plants and call you when your order is ready for pick up.

If your own pots are too heavy to bring in, we can create your design in a ‘drop-in’ pot that you can slip into your container at home. Bring in the pot measurements, including inside bottom width if the pot tapers, so we can find the best size pot to ‘drop-in’.

The prices for custom potting will vary depending on the container, size, the plants you choose and the number of plants needed to fill the pot. We will give you an itemized estimate at the time the order is placed.

At Wannemaker’s, we stand by creativity and horticultural knowledge.