BBQ Brisket MasterClass

Immerse yourself in 5 hours of live BBQ instruction from award winning BBQ Experts on Saturday, February 2 from 12PM – 5PM.

Join us for a live instruction class presented by Risky Brisket Competition BBQ Team, and learn to master smoking beef brisket and other smoked meats. Experience the difference between Prime Beef and Wagyu Beef Brisket fresh off the smoker!

Our small class size guarantees a personalized experience for attendees and allows everyone the opportunity to sample all the meats being cooked. Learn how to get your ‘Q Done Quick’ on Double O Drum Co. Drum Smokers!

In this class you will learn to cook: 

  • Snake River Farms Wagyu Beef Brisket
  • Prime Beef Brisket
  • Smoked BBQ Spicy Sticky Wings
  • “Mac-Daddy” – Mac & Cheese Stuffed Smoked Sausage Roll

In this class we’ll cover:

  • Meat Selection
  • Trimming
  • Injection
  • Seasoning / Flavor Profiles
  • Cooking Timelines
  • Smoker Management
  • Fuel Selection – Charcoal & Woods
  • Food Safety
  • Storing & Reheating
  • Techniques
  • Tips & Tricks
  • Competition Secrets
  • Cooking fast on Drum Smokers
  • Low and Slow Cooking techniques