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We carry high quality candles with the best ingredients in a wide variety of options from traditional scented candles to unscented candles and battery operated candles with timers.

Candle Options

Select the one that burns for you.


The Luminara Fireless Candle features a revolutionary flickering fireless flame atop a real wax covered housing. They use a combination of electromagnetics and LED lights to replicate a burning flame. Convenient three-way switch: on, off and timed (5 hours on, 19 hours off). Luminara candles display Disney patented technology, as seen in The Haunted Mansion at DisneyWorld and Disneyland, and are so realistic they are often mistaken for traditional flame candles.Wannemaker’s carries a wide variety of battery operated candles in five pillar lengths. Many have a built in timer as well.


Root Candles

Founded in Median, Ohio in 1869, Root Candle has consistently produced superior products for over 130 years. These soy-based candles have lasting fragrances, rich colors, longer and cleaner burning, and unique and appealing textures.

We carry scented jars, votives, tealights, and pillars. In addition we have many unscented pillars and tappers.


capri BLUE

Capri Blue has become the destination for unique fragrances and vibrant vessels. Pulling inspiration from fashion and home, they take striking visuals and twist them with complex fragrance to create engaging combination for your senses.

Wannemaker’s carries Capri Blue 21.5oz Signature Jars, Mercury Hexagon, and Mercury Jewel Box candles. We also carry the Canvas beauty care collection, which includes hand soap and hand cream.

Aspen Bay Candles

Aspen Bay is widely acclaimed for creating quality products with outstanding fragrances. Each candle is hand-poured using the same methods as traditional candle makers.

We carry several different candle collections from Aspen Bay, including the Signature Collection, Reserve and Traviata.