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Vegetables and Herbs


New this year! USDA Certified Organic Herbs and Veggies

Imagine walking out your back door, plucking a fresh basil leaf, crushing it between your fingers and taking a sniff. Did you smell your favorite food right on your fingertips?  Start your own vegetable or herb garden and select from our wide variety of vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and many more!

Discover the savory aroma and flavor of your favorite herbs including oregano, basil, sage and many more. We also carry fresh spearmint for the perfect mojito!

You say tomato, we say tomahto! And lots of them! At Wannemakers, we stock over 50 different varieties of tomatoes. From those hard to find varieties to your regular red or green tomato, you can find it here. We also stock heirlooms, which are hybrids of your average everyday tomato. But we do not just carry tomatoes, we also carry a number of other vegetables for your garden such as peppers, cucumbers, and lettuce.

We pride ourselves in carrying a number of novelty and hard to find herbs. Aside from old flames basil and sage, we also carry rosemary, thyme, and fresh mint which makes for the perfect mojito!

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