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Ponds, Fish and Water Gardening


Ponds and Water Gardening

Ponds are becoming an ever increasing site in many yards. Relaxing and tranquil, ponds offer a quick soother from daily stress. Imagine the subtle sound of flowing water, the beauty of plant life, and the elegance of swimming fish, all in your own backyard!

If you are looking to start a new backyard pond in Downers Grove (or the surrounding area!) and would like some guidance, we can help you in that department. We carry pond liners and underlayment as well as books that map out how to build your own masterpiece.

For those who have an existing pond, we stock a full assortment of pumps and tubing ranging in size from 90 gallons per hour (gph) to 4500 gph. We also carry replacement pads and bio-media bags for your filter. Also at Wannemaker’s, we offer various light kits to add illumination to your pond.

Pond Chemicals

At Wannemaker’s, we stock a full line of pond care products. We have chemicals that can help you remove algae from your pond or alter the PH level. Our knowledgeable staff can help diagnose your problem, and then recommend the appropriate actions to take to make your pond look clean and new again.

Water Plants

The plants that you find in a pond are much different from those you find in your yard. This is why we stock a vast selection of pond plants, in a variety of different sizes and shapes.

From basic plants such as water lilies and water hyacinth, to the obscure plants such as parrots feather and pennywort, we carry hardy and tropical water plants in over 75 varieties. Including both floating and stationary plants and stock pond specific pots for your future plant life. We also stock aquatic plant soil and fertilizers to give your plants the needed nutrients.

Fish and fish food

While traditional Koi fish have a deep spiritual meaning, they also make a great addition to any pond. Their distinct shape and vibrant colors make them a must have for any pond. Our Koi come in four different sizes, both in domestic and butterfly.

We also carry basic goldfish as well as comets and shubunkins. If you are looking for something other than fish, we carry tadpoles and snails as well as assorted exotics from crayfish to catfish and more.

We have also expanded our product lines to include a number of different fish foods, including sinking and floating as well as holistic fish food. New for 2012, we will begin to sell bulk fish food in various varieties.