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Sod and Firewood

Firewood in Downers Grove

Firewood is available all year round and we carry oak, birch, hickory and cherry in cubes or rick sizes. Some varieties are limited. Please call for availability.

Rick: 3’x6’x16″ – approximately 175 pieces
Available in Oak, Birch, Hickory, Cherry, or ½ Birch, ½ Oak

CUBE: 18”x18”x16” – approximately 18-20 pieces
Available in Oak, Birch, Hickory or Cherry

We will deliver up to three ricks for a standard delivery charge. Curbside delivery only. No stacking. Individual pieces also available.

Please call for availability.



Sod in Downers Grove

Our fresh, high quality, thick sod arrives weekly on Fridays beginning in mid-April through Fall, dependent on weather. Limited availability during very wet or very hot conditions.
At Wannemaker’s we carry everything you’ll need to create a beautiful, lush lawn including seed, fertilizer and weed control.

How to order Sod:

Call 630-852-0700 by Thursday at noon to preorder sod for pick-up on Friday
$4.99 per roll (2′ x 5′) (sod is for pickup only, we do not deliver)

roll of sod