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Pottery and Planters


Pottery and Planters in Downers Grove

Wannemaker’s carries a variety of pottery and planter pieces constructed from traditional terra cotta and glazed ceramic materials. In addition, we also stock unique and lightweight planters made of fiberglass that give the look and durability of cement planters and urns. A number of our plastic collection comes from Morain Plastics, which is made solely in the USA.

Our pottery selection is sure to please as we carry various shapes, sizes, and colors. From our vibrant tropical collection to our solid color terra cotta, we have a pot to fit your every need!

Wannemaker’s also carries plant stands, holders, and caddies to easily wheel your plant from one location to another.


Wannemaker’s carries many ceramic pots that come in a various sizes, colors, and designs. From large outdoor pots to small indoor pots we have plenty to choose from.


Do you like the look of concrete pots, but hate the heaviness of them? Wannemaker’s sells an array of lightweight pots that look like they are made of concrete. Many of our lightweight pots are made of fiberglass to give you the look you want without the weight.


Looking for a simple clay pot? Look no further! Wannemaker’s has a large selection of clay pottery. We offer clay terra cotta pots, saucers, and window boxes.


Wannemaker’s has a great selection of plastic pottery. Our plastic pots offer great durability as well as a stylish look. The planters we carry come in all different sizes, shapes and color.


Wannemaker’s also has a selection of wood planters. Some popular items include whiskey barrel planters along with wooden window boxes.


Ups A Daisy

The The Ups-A-Daisy® Planter Inserts are a great way to decrease the amount of dirt needed in your planter saving you soil and money! The Ups-A-Daisy® Planter Insert simply sets about halfway down into your container (for most plant varieties); raising the bottom of the container. This allows for proper drainage and essential oxygen to access plant roots.

Wrought Iron Planters

Wannemaker’s has a wide variety of wrought iron planters. Our wrought iron items include plant stands, window boxes, and wall baskets.  Each of these planters come in an array of designs and sizes. We also carry many different sizes of coco liner to place inside these wrought iron planters.