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Fertilizers and Flower Care


Fertilizers and Flower Care

Looking for the best flower care and fertilizer in Downers Grove? Here at Wannemaker’s, we believe that the food you feed your plants and lawn is just as important as the food you feed yourself. Like us, plants and lawns need both water and food to survive. That is why we stock the best in plant food and lawn fertilizers.

Our favorite of the potting mixes has to be Miracle Gro, but we don’t stop there. We stock both your basic potting mix and a moisture control, but we also carry specifically designed soils for African Violets, Crocus, and Orchids among others. For those looking to make their own fertilizer, we carry compost bins to help dispose of food scraps and lawn clippings.

Water alone might seem like enough to keep your plants and flowers growing, but they need those nutrients that they can only get through specifically designed food. We carry a vast selection of plant food from the best suppliers such as Miracle-Gro, Espoma, and Bonide.

Weed and Insect Control

Give them and inch and they take a mile, only if you let them! Yes, we are referring to weeds, and before you know it, they can take over your yard. Make sure that does not happen to you with our products from Bayer and Bonide.

We also carry spray bottles as well as spray packs to help you bid good riddance to those pesky weeds!

What about those things under the soil? Just because you cannot see them does not mean they are not there. Save your yard from grubs and other insects with products from Ortho and Espoma.