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Bird Feeders and Supplies


Bird Feeders and Bird Seed in Downers Grove

Wannemaker’s carries a wide selection of wild bird food, supplies and feeders to attract birds to your home!

Bird Seed

While birds are always prevalent, we know that the best way to keep them around is by feeding them. At Wannemaker’s, we make sure that your birds have everything their hearts desire.

We carry a number of different types of bird seed that include but are not limited to sunflower and thistle. We also stock bird seed made to attract specific birds from Woodpeckers to Chickadees. We carry a vast assortment of suet cakes and accompanying holders and hangers.

Aside from food, birds need a place to rest and we have a wide selection of bird houses made from both wood and metal, meant to hang or be mounted on a post.

The following are the types of Bird Seed we carry:

  • Black Oil Sunflower
  • Cracked Corn
  • Finch Mix
  • No Waste
  • Original
  • Peanuts in Shell
  • Safflower
  • Striped Sunflower
  • Supreme
  • Thistle (Nyjer)
  • White Millet

Bird Feeders

  • Woolink
  • Droll Yankees
  • Duncraft