Tips on Building a Better Garden


My Suburban Life interview with Barbara Collins of Wannemaker’s | View Article

Garden TipsWhen the weather warms up and growing season starts, many residents will bring their gardens out of hibernation, while some may get the itch to plant one for the first time.

Barbara Collins, gardening manager for Wannemaker’s Home and Garden in Downers Grove, said she helps out a lot of new gardeners. However, she said even for experienced gardeners, adding new plants to a garden is often trial and error. Continue reading

Winterizing Fountains

Tips on Caring for and Winterizing Fountains During Winter Months

Even though outdoor fountains are made to withstand the elements it is crucial that water is not left in the fountain to freeze. Freezing could cause it to crack and can ruin the fountain’s pump. Never allow your fountain to sit in a pool of ice.

Follow these simple steps for winterizing fountains and keep your fountain safe all winter long. Continue reading

Bulbs for Fall Planting Season


Choosing a favorite bulb may be a challenge. Finding the perfect place to buy them is not. Visit our store today to find all the flowering bulbs you’ll need for your dream garden. The following is a list of bulbs that Wannemaker’s will carry for the fall planting season (based on availability). Continue reading

Inspiration to Create a Fairy Garden

It’s a Small World After All.

Fairy garden with bridge and bench

A rock path, bridge and bench for the fairy to sit upon and enclosed in a picket fence is quite charming.

Ok, so I stole that from Walt Disney. But it’s true this summer at Wannemaker’s, we’re all about small. The current fascination with fairy gardens, railroad gardens, miniature containers and terrariums has created a demand for dwarf plants of all kinds. Continue reading

Planting for Spring & Summer

Tips on Planting a Garden from Barbara Collins

I collect horticultural quotations and one of my favorites is from a wonderful book on propagation, “Making More Plants”, by Ken Druse. He says, “I was born in the spring and I never got over it.” I feel the same way, being born in May and making gardening my life’s work. When you live in the Midwest and experience the extremes of our seasons, winters can be so long and cold and summers can be so hot and even heinous, that our yearning for seasonal changes can be strong. Continue reading

How to Grow Grafted Tomatoes

Don’t you just love heirloom tomatoes? With all the wonderful colors and delicious flavors, what’s not to love? Well, lack of disease resistance and limited production are major problems with heirlooms. If your gardening season is not stellar with just the right amount of sun, water, hot weather, etc. your success with heirlooms will be less than stellar. No need to give up now that grafted tomatoes have arrived on the market. I saw trials of grafted tomatoes compared to their non-grafted brethren at Ball Seed in West Chicago last summer and was very impressed! The grafted plants were much stockier and loaded with fruit. Continue reading